It is usually recommended to not use poly on both ends of a control arm. Yes, it firms it up, but the poly can bind, making the handling characteristics even worse.

I’ve seen more recommendations to use something like the Moog replacement bushings that are firmer than oem but still has better articulation than… » 4/23/15 4:18pm Thursday 4:18pm

They didn’t want to hire me.

1) I’m an American.
2) I’m not exactly good looking.
3) I’d probably ramble on about the technical bits too much.
4) They do not want to see me give the “O-face” every time I get to give a sports car the beans. Nobody likes seeing a bald, scraggly looking white guy come to… » 4/14/15 12:24pm 4/14/15 12:24pm

USS San Francisco hit an underwater mountain.

It required extensive repairs and would receive the front bow structure from the USS Honolulu which was being decommissioned (less expensive to repair the SF with this than it would be to refuel and revamp the reactor on the Honolulu) and was completed back in 2009. » 4/12/15 5:11pm 4/12/15 5:11pm