I do agree. My car is pretty handy in weird weather even if others would think it's suicide. Just gotta know the car and be mature about it.

The gentle spring rains we get in the Texas Panhandle area are some of my favorite times to go for a drive.

The Corbeau seats gently hug you, the full Strano suspension package… » 12/09/14 10:29pm 12/09/14 10:29pm

Have had the same done with B-1b's and once had a B-52 do that here just off the Caprock area in the TX panhandle.

It's just amazing how massive the B-1b really is when it gets close.

Me as a kid:
"Doop de doo." *poking ant hill with a stick*
Looks up from ant hill* "That's gotta be a B-1, where is it?"
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Well, people complain about the lower end teams not having the money and can't keep up with the top guys, this is how it ends up. Big manufacturers battling it out in the pinnacle of motorsports along with a few of the remaining established legacy teams like Williams, Sauber and drink company teams like Red Bull.

So… » 12/04/14 10:15pm 12/04/14 10:15pm